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Our Club

Who We Are


The Regina Speed Skating Club is a small, welcoming community of skaters, parents, coaches, and officials.  We have athletes who travel around Canada competing in short track and long track speed skating meets once or twice each month and others who only attend one or two local meets during the season.

The Skating Season

Our short track season starts in September.  We train one to three nights a week at the Jack Staples Arena (north Broad Street) until November or December.  When the weather is cold enough, long track season starts on the 400 m outdoor oval ice surface (located at Mount Pleasant Park on north Winnipeg Street).  Skating practices remain at the oval until late-February, or whenever the weather warms too much to maintain the outdoor ice.  At that time, short track picks up again at the Jack Staples.  The speed skating season ends for most skaters in March.

Older skaters and those who compete at higher levels train throughout the spring and summer to maintain their physical condition and connection with friends and coaches in the club.  Skaters of all abilities have the opportunity to attend summer training camps, both in Saskatchewan and in Calgary at the Olympic Oval.

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