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Program Fees

Fees are based on ice time associated with various levels of skaters. *Fees may be subject to change.  See Ice Reg for most up-to-date fees.

For insurance purposes, all skaters and one parent/guardian must purchase a memberships with RSSC, Speed Skating Canada and Speed Skating Saskatchewan. Details of these fees are shown below and are added to the program fees in Ice Reg.  Athletes who complete at national and international meets will be required to purchase additional memberships, specific to their level of competition.

$200.00 -Try Speed Skating and Active Start Recreation (Wednesday nights - 8 lessons - October to November)

$205.00 - Adult Speed Skating (experienced athlete - 4 month session)

$475.00 - Group A Skater - ONE night per week (October - March)

$950.00 - Group A Skater - TWO nights per week (October - March)

$1600.00 - Group B Skater - THREE nights per week (October - March)

Try Speed Skating is a "learn to skate" program that gives young skaters the chance to try the sport with only a very small time and financial commitment.  Athletes may only participate in this program for one 4-month session.  If skaters want to continue in the sport, they would then register as a Group A skater (either one or two nights per week).

Adult long track speed skating is offered from December to February.  Adult short track is sometimes offered - when sufficient interest exists. (There is no adult short track at this time.)

Group A skaters may be new to the sport or they may have skated for several years, but might not be ready for the bigger commitment and faster time standards that are expected for Group B skaters.  Group B skaters are usually quite experienced and are devoted to more intense training.  This would include dry land training, cycling, speed skating camps, and off-season training. 

Membership Fees

NOTE:  a parent or guardian for each skater must register in Ice Reg as an "Associate Volunteer" prior to being able to register their athlete.  There is no cost for this registration.

Athletes must be insured in order to skate.  This requires each skater to have a membership at the club level (for athletes who are competing within Regina), provincial level (for athletes who plan to compete within the province) and national level (for athletes who will compete outside of Saskatchewan).  Skaters who represent Canada at international meets would also require a Speed Skating Canada membership.

$10.00 - Club Athlete (all Regina skaters)

$32.00 - Provincial Athlete (also require a Club membership)

$32.00 - National Athlete (also require Club and Provincial memberships)

$50.00 - SSC (also require Club, Provincial, and National memberships)

Equipment Rental Fees

The Regina Speed Skating Club has short track and long track skates that are available for the cost of $50.00 per short track season and $50.00 per long track season.  The club can also lend other protective gear to skaters and, in some cases, can sell new items to skaters. Equipment is stored in one of our buildings at Mount Pleasant Park.  Throughout the season, families are invited to attend "fitting sessions" to ensure that their skater's equipment is suitable.

Skate Sharpening

Speed skates must be sharpened by hand using a "jig" and a special sharpening stone.  Some experienced skaters in the club will sharpen skates for a nominal fee.

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